Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Decorating Ideas for any Special Event

Table Decorating Ideas Set the Mood for Any Party

Color, charm, light and sparkle attract your guests’ eyes when you choose the perfect table decor for your party.

Whether you choose a formal setting with live floral and candles or opt for a conservative display with colorful napkins and floating candles, you can create any ambiance with these table decor ideas.

Centerpieces: Square, round or rectangular tables can be used when you choose your main centerpiece. Popular centerpieces include live flowers in tall vases, live fish in flower vases, floating candles with glass beads or rocks as well as incorporating mirrors reflecting candle light (wax or LED candles) amidst your centerpiece.

Color: Purple, gold, blue, orange, red, pink, black, green or any combination, which incorporates your party’s theme can be used throughout your table decor. Oftentimes the napkin color is the first choice to set your table’s color scheme. Choose 1 or 2 coordinating colors to set off every guest table. Candles, flowers and flower petals, rocks, table numbers, and name cards can include color. Be creative, mix and match your colors on each table for a festive theme.

Flowers & Candles: You have several choices regarding types of flowers and candles for your table decor. Choose fresh flowers or flower petals, or silk flowers or a combination of both. Talk to your florist about options as well as prices. You may only want rose buds instead of stemmed roses or simple floating Hydrangea flowers. LED candles have become more popular and safer than wax or soy candles for indoor parties and where children may be present. Your party or event center may already offer LED votives or pillar candles too. Other candle choices include elegant candle holders such as hurricane or luminaries and submersible candles.

Table Linen: Liven up traditional white linens with vibrant sashes across tables or include chair covers with sashes. Chair covers also can add color to a table’s centerpiece, several choices are available, if you’re willing to spend a little more on this elegant detail. Other linen options include colorful overlays and linen napkins. Party centers and caterers offer several napkin folds and colors to choose for your events’ theme.

Whatever type of table decor you choose, be creative and have fun decorating.

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