Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wedding Planning 101

Wedding Planning 101:
Setting a Date, Time, and Place for Your Wedding
Part 2

1. Set a date - This will be the most important day, so ensure the date fits into your schedule as well as your fiancĂ©’s. Have a couple dates in mind in case the location you select is not available. The most popular day for a wedding is Saturday; however, Friday and Sunday are still very popular. Some people will even plan a weekday evening wedding ceremony and reception depending on the season. It’s recommended that you plan at least 6 months in advance if not longer since it usually takes about that long to make reservations and do your pre-wedding planning.

2. Select a location - There is an infinite amount of possibilities where you could potentially exchange vows; however, you and your fiancé must consider cost, availability in addition to the location.

Outdoor weddings are more popular in the summer and early fall whereas the winter and spring weddings and receptions are usually held indoors. The wedding ceremony and reception do not need to be at the same location; however, it does lessen the stress of having to travel from one place to another if they held at the same location or in close proximity. A church is the traditional setting of a wedding ceremony, but more people are also taking advantage of public parks, zoos, beaches, the bride or groom’s backyard as well as museums or even sports stadiums.

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