Friday, April 22, 2011

Wedding Planning 101

Wedding Planning 101: How to Plan Your Wedding

Couples across the country have different ways to plan for their upcoming nuptials as well as the level of involvement including the groom and his family. Whether you plan on hiring a wedding planner or do it yourself, you will have a lot to do to prepare for one of the most memorable days of your life.

Planning your wedding
1. Set a date
2. Prepare a Budget
3. Reserve a location for wedding and the reception
4. Select your bridal party
5. Choose your wedding colors
6. Hire a photographer
7. Select type of music for wedding and reception (musicians, DJ, etc)
8. Create an invitation list
9. Order wedding invitations, address and mail to guests with RSVP info
10. Choose your wedding gown
11. Select a florist and choose types of flowers for bouquets, wedding ceremony and reception
12. Decide on wedding reception theme including wedding favors and decorations
13. Reserve limousines
14. Reserve hotel rooms for out of town guests, if needed
15. Hire a caterer or choose menu if your wedding reception location will also do the catering
16. Decide where to hold the rehearsal dinner and invited guests
17. Set time for wedding rehearsal
18. Decide if children are allowed to attend wedding reception or offer a child care service if needed.
19. Plan bachelorette party (usually someone in the bridal party plans this for the bridesmaids and friends of the bride to be)
20. Plan bachelor party (best man usually plans this)

There are even more ideas to think about for your wedding, but these are most popular wedding planner’s suggestions about preparing for your big day. Remember to keep a list of everyone’s phone numbers and emails who is helping to make your wedding day special.

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