Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Instead of Table Numbers

Assigning tables to guests at wedding receptions not only provides an opportunity for guests to meet and chat with one another, but it also allows event center managers a method of organization during dinner.
Most often event centers have their own method of numbering guest tables; however, one recent wedding reception captured the bride and groom's guests and event staff's attention a little longer. Placed on each table in the ballroom was a candid picture of the bride and groom each holding a large size piece of paper with a number on it. These personalized and fun wedding reception table placements delighted every guest who had to find their table.
Each table placement picture was in a simple 5 x 7 frame with the numbers clearly displayed in the picture. This was one of the most unique wedding reception table placements we have seen at the Diamond Event Center in Brunswick, Ohio. Another recent Fall Themed Wedding Reception had tree names on the tables instead of numbers. Yet another couple chose to name their tables after Video Game as you can see the possibilities are endless! How will you assign and direct your guests to their tables at your wedding reception? We'd' like to hear your thoughts and ideas!