Thursday, July 23, 2009

Candy "Bar"

Candy "Bar"

This new idea is more than a "Spoonful of Kisses from the new Mr. & Mrs."!

It is different, fun, interactive and a WOW your guests will remember.

A Candy Bar is a colorful display of different types of candy along with bags or boxes for guests to fill with their favorites to take home. A variety of large glass vases and containers make perfect display pieces for the candy. Personalized bags (that you could make yourself) or "to go" boxes (that you could order online) are perfect for your guests to package the candy in. Don’t forget little scoops or tongs to use to fill the bags. If you position the candy bar near the exit you won’t have forgotten bags on the guest tables at the end of the night and your guests will leave your reception with sweet memories!

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